If you’ve been a car owner for a while now, you already know that your state probably requires you to buy at least the minimum coverage for your vehicle. While many people think that insurance is simply another expense to add to their monthly bills, automobile insurance in Pennsylvania is actually an investment and should always be a priority for drivers. States and local government require people to have auto insurance in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road – if everyone is insured, there will be no accidents that can’t be paid for. If you want to find out more about the minimum required coverage that majority of the states require, read through the short pointers below.

Minimum Required Coverage for Automobile Insurance in Pennsylvania

  1. Bodily Injury Protection – This particular coverage promises to answer for any bodily harm, injury, and even death of a person involved in an accident that you caused. Under the minimum required coverage, insurance policyholders are mandated to have bought at least $15,000 / $30,000. The first amount applies to one person involved in a single accident, and the second value corresponds to all people involved in a single accident with no more than $15,000 to any one person. Thinking about potential accidents, it’s not hard to see that these amounts might not be enough, especially if you managed to hurt an entire family. Buying more coverage for bodily injury protection might be a smarter move.
  2. Property Damage – This usually applies to any damage you caused on someone else’s vehicle, but can also apply to building, fences, and other structures involved in the crash. The minimum coverage is set at around $10,000 USD, which means your insurer will pay up to $10,000 USD of destruction and damages caused to others in a single accident.
  3. Personal Injury Protection – Whether you were the cause of the accident or your were merely the victim of an unfortunate series of events, your automobile insurance in Pennsylvania will pay for the injuries and damages you and any of your passengers sustained during the collision. The minimum required coverage under personal injury protection is set at $15,000 / $30,000, with the first value designated to any one person involved in a single accident and the second value for all people involved in a single accident with no more than $15,000 to any one person.