Buying property insurance in South Carolina is one thing, making a claim is another. Many times, the stress and anxiety that come with home and property damage can be pretty overwhelming that people find themselves too panicked to properly file a claim. Make sure you’re ready for those heart pounding moments and keep yourself informed on the proper claim filing process to get the speediest response and resolution for your property problems.

Filing a Claim with Your Property Insurance in South Carolina

When a peril takes place, it’s important that you inform the concerned authorities immediately. In case of a theft or break in, call the police. In case of a fire, call the fire department. This is important not only to resolve the problem and capture the perpetrator, but to have the incident formally documented. Having the right proof will help you prove your claim to your insurance provider.

The next thing you should do is contact your insurance agent. Inform them of what happened and let them know of your intention to file a claim. They should give you a process or procedure that you should follow to guide you towards the right direction. If your insurance covers temporary repairs to prevent further damage, your provider might give you a list of referrals that can perform the necessary temporary fixes. If you availed of additional living expenses and your property is deemed unlivable, you can move out for the meantime, find hotel accommodation, buy meals, and incur living expenses to be paid for by your insurance.

Take photos of the damages and be sure to document everything as best as you can. Keep receipts and write down a list of all the items and personal belongings that were destroyed or lost in the event. Present all of these documents to your insurance provider when you discuss the coverage they will provide you.

If and when the company that issued your property insurance in South Carolina gives you an estimate that does not coincide with your expectations, or if you wish to get more out of your claim, you can appeal for reconsideration. If they continue to decline, you can opt to undergo internal or external appeals to get a better deal.

When making a claim, see to it that you have the necessary paperwork and documentation to back up your request. See to it that you thoroughly understand your coverage so you don’t end up asking for protection against a peril you were uninsured for.