Luck of the Irish

Pot of GoldHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

Quick wardrobe check!

Are you wearing green?

You don’t want your touchy-feely, slightly-inappropriate office mate to pinch you if you’re not!

To celebrate my Irish heritage (my maiden name is Quinn, y’all), I sought wisdom and knowledge from the best peeps in the blogosphere.

What does luck mean to you? What makes you feel lucky?

Pour some Bailey’s into your coffee and enjoy the virtual pot of gold!

Luck, to me, is the serendipitous, the unexpected, and the unplanned for. Good luck is when opportunities come along and you are open-minded and observant enough to recognize your chance. Taking those opportunities and working hard leads to good luck. In the same way, bad luck is when you’re stagnant, when something presents itself and you ignore it, or do nothing. You let opportunities pass by ignored, and then you blame your lack of progress on bad luck.

I believe luck can be changed by being honest, open-minded and surrounding yourself with positive people. Focus on love and happiness and work hard at what you want in life, and those good luck moments just seem to happen more often in your life.

Carly @ Fine Fit Day


I have a glass half-full outlook on life. I think that makes me feel lucky, because I’m optimistic that things will work out. I take the cards that I’m dealt and make it work.

Meagan @ Turkey Runner

The best luck comes to me when I’m not looking for it. Or asking for it. I find the good fortune is probably around me all the time, I just have to be open to it. It might not look the way I thought it would.

What makes me feel lucky? The look in my team’s eyes when I talk to them. Like, I’m going past their ears and getting closer to the heart and soul. That’s where the best soccer happens anyway. And I feel lucky when I see my girls conquer something, small as making a great milkshake, or great as acing a test or making that perfect pass. I feel lucky to have been along for the ride.

Eli @ Coach Daddy

When I did track years ago, I had lucky pins I had to use for each race and would have to scrunch my number up a certain way!
As nerdy as it sounds,  I’d have to say my husband is my lucky charm. He calms me in a way that allows my mind to clear and lets me focus on enjoying a race instead of being super nervous. 

When I go for a run and realize I’ve got the wind at my back no matter which direction I turn.  Does that ever happen? Heck, no! But I know I would feel incredibly lucky! 

Even better is coming across a strategically located port-o-potty while out on a long run! I know someone is smiling down on me when that happens!

Hilary @ Sturdy Girl Sports


Being born on St. Patrick’s Day kind of helps. People always give me shamrocks and four leaf clover items for my birthday!

Other than that I just feel lucky to have my health and family to support me. That is my pot o’ gold!

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama 


My grandmother always said the elephants with their trunks up were good luck, so I have a ring with three trunk-up elephants that I wear sometimes

Dana @ Kiss My List 

 I have these rainbow striped socks that my mom gave me for St. Patrick’s Day many years ago. They have a four leaf clover on them and they say, “My Lucky Socks.” I will wear them only for flights or photo jobs that scare the dickens out of me. I swear they work.

I also feel lucky when I’m nervous or sad and something really special comes on the radio. I call it a gift from The Radio Gods.

Every day I wake up and think, “Today is going to be an awesome adventure.” Most people can’t do that, thus I feel lucky every day.

Adam @ Tahoe Mountain Sports 


Luck comes to us when we work hard and stay alert to the opportunities that the universe throws our way.

It’s that moment of serendipity when we pause to smile and appreciate our good fortune. 

Luck is querying the right agent on the right day for the right manuscript.

Julia @ Diary of a Word Nerd

This is a fortune I got out of a fortune cookie my freshman year in college. I was speechless when I read it. Perhaps fortune cookies are a poo-poo kind of thing I don’t know and honestly I don’t know that I have ever opened one with such a great fortune since but I have kept this from the day I got it.


I don’t know if it brings me lucky or good fortune, but even though it is tucked away in a drawer where I don’t see it I think of it often and remember how blessed my life really is and it always makes me feel good.

Rosi @ Perfectly F.I.T.T.

Songs make me feel lucky, especially when they come on the radio or Pandora serendipitously.

“Ordinary World” by Duran Duran? It’s going to be a good day. “Walk” by the Foo Fighters?  I can overcome any obstacle that’s in front of me.   “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree?  I’m on fire.  

If I were to hear all 3 in a row? That would be a sign of something big.  Like winning the lottery big. Or meeting Prince Charming big.  Or getting a contract with Whole Foods big. 

Ilene @ The Fierce Diva Guide to Life

Luck is a funny thing.  Part of me doesn’t believe in it – you make you’re own luck, right?
The other part of me thinks that if you work hard, follow your passion and get a little lucky – you are limitless in what you can achieve!  
So, in thinking along those lines, besides my health, my family and the number 8 making me feel lucky – I always feel that I have a lucky star in my mom.  Whatever I do, wherever I go, she’s watching over me.  That’s all the luck I need.

I truly feel lucky every day that my 3 boys/men are the ones I get to spend my life with.

Of course I would also feel lucky if I were to win the lottery – especially since I never buy a ticket to play!!  And, knowing that in just a few more years we will be living on a beach somewhere makes me feel lucky (and happy!!!).

I don’t always notice the stretches of good luck, but oh I feel the bad ones! But the thing that always seems to change our luck for the good is remembering to celebrate life. I guess you could say that throwing a party, even one so small it might not constitute as a party in most people’s minds, brings us luck!

Tricia @ Raising Humans

I am lucky because I can run!  And I have a house near bike paths where I can run to work and make sure I can fit it all in.

I feel so lucky when I look into thos big baby blue eyes of my my daughter’s!  She’s the only one that has the exact coloring of my dear sweet daddy so it’s a good reminder of him, but, her soul is just so sweet & that’s all the luck I need.  My baby girl is pure as gold.

Amber @ City Girl on Hicks Farm

Focusing on the positive side of things brings luck! If you look for the good, you’ll always find something “lucky” to be grateful for.

Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead


Katie @ Pick Any Two

I have a charm bracelet with a Celtic cross and a 4 leaf clover, as well as other symbols important to me.

But mostly, my house and my garden have a purple shamrock.


And, I never, ever put my shoes or boots on a table!

Leslie @ Time Out for Mom

I feel lucky when my husband doesn’t have to deploy.

When he’s gone, it’s pure chaos.

Amber @ Airing My Dirty Laundry

I don’t know for sure that I believe in luck, per say, but rather good things happen when hard work, proper planning/preparation, and positivity all combine! Of course we all know that bad things happen to good people, but I truly believe that the best thing we can do is be positive about any situation and hopefully the stars align.

Sarah @ Sweet Miles

I think that in all aspects of life, preparation is key, but if luck comes my way, too, I’ll take it!

Amanda @ Miss Zippy

There are a couple pieces of jewelry that I wear wen I need a little bit of luck – a necklace with my mantra engraved on it and mala bracelets made of certain stones and gems.

Christine @ Love Life Surf

I guess I don’t really think about luck.

Yes, I feel very blessed and lucky that I have a wonderful husband and two amazing sons and parents that instilled positive values in me. 

But luck?  I guess with all of that being said, I feel lucky that I’m so blessed.

Debbie @ Deb Runs

As for this mama, lady luck smiles on me every day that I wake up to my beautiful family.

Even though I’m definitely not smiling when Monkey comes running into my room at some ungodly hour! If the girls sleep past 7:00 a.m., that really is fortuitous!

And a kiss from my husband at the start of every race is the perfect good luck charm.

Gold coin photo by Jeremy Schultz

What does luck mean to you? What makes you feel lucky?

72 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. My luck is to have been born in the right place, in the right time. Myself and my family have not had to suffer from hunger, incurable disease, unstable politic situation, violence, war. That is huge!

    Today, on my blog, there is a Vizsla picture! (mine of course) Go take a peak! :-)
    HappinessSavouredHot recently posted…Spring into actionMy Profile

    • I thank my lucky stars every night for the same things! Others are not so lucky!

      What a great picture of your crazy V! We have lots of blurry pics of Mac from his younger years too. He’s an easier target now!

  2. This was so great to read! I loved everyone’s contributions. Thank you so much for including me!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and Happy Birthday to Angela!!! I’m feeling lucky already…:-)
    Allie recently posted…The Rest DayMy Profile

  3. I love your blogger answer round-ups! So thoughtful!
    I have to agree with Deb: I feel lucky to be so blessed :)
    And thanks for the Bailey’s reminder. I don’t like beer, but I should drink something festive!
    Abby recently posted…Shedding layersMy Profile

  4. Yes, your mother, who is not Irish, but married to a wonderful Irishman, is wearing green – even some very bright green and orange socks! Fortunately my feet will under my desk most of the day!
    I feel very lucky because I did marry that Irishman and had some very special children and some very special grandchildren. Yes, I am blessed everyday – just to wake up and have another day to live. I am blessed to have a wonderful family who love and support each other.
    Love you,

  5. Luck is what the grace of God offers all of us. Knowing to thank Him for his creation (You) and His continued support offers the best luck that can be had. Being Irish offers a bigger opportunity today, but doesn’t replace opportunities hard work accomplishes.

    • It never ceases to amaze me what an incredible group of men & women I’ve stumbled up in the blogosphere. The positivity and encouragement never fail to make me smile!

  6. My shamrock actually bloomed today!! I don’t know if that is a sign of luck, but my mom’s health crisis turned out to not be too serious – so I am saying if not lucky: at least incredibly blessed.
    Thanks for including me — so LOVED reading all these. Such an amazing this when you do these posts.
    Rorybore recently posted…Monday’s Music: Back in the GrooveMy Profile

  7. What a positivity filled post Nicole, love it.
    I feel lucky, always have. Yes there are the downs and ups of life and I somehow know I will find my way out. I do also love my good luck charms, yes. My four leaf clovers, I have not found one actually in nature yet. My lucky socks like Tamara, my lucky number is 6 and my lucky pen fills out all those important forms.
    Luck, good fortune, opportunities, I don’t mind it all makes me happy.
    Karen Main recently posted…The 3 easy steps to finding that elusive ME TimeMy Profile

    • Sunshine and liquid refreshment. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it, Kristi? Well, dessert would be icing on the cake! The calories don’t count, of course!

    • I completely agree with you, Michelle! Finding a 20-dollar bill is good luck. Launching a business, earning a promotion or grade, and achieving a goal is the result of hard work!

  8. These are so great and I’m so happy to be part of this list!
    Thanks to Tamara, I now need to procure a pair of lucky socks. And Ilene has me thinking of lucky songs. Of which I am sure I have more than a few :)
    Tricia recently posted…Wearing cute shoesMy Profile

    • Thanks for participating, Tricia! I think everyone needs a pair (or three) of lucky socks and songs that bring a smile to our faces every time we hear them!

  9. Sometimes, like Tricia, I tend to not notice the good luck but the bad luck seems magnified. Maybe I need the reminder of a fortune like Rosi at Perfectly Fit to remember how blessed I really am. Funny thing about my take on luck – minutes after I sent that email off to you about what makes me feel lucky – I went out to run and the first song that came onto Pandora was Walk by the Foo Fighters. Not by chance, it turned out to be one of the luckiest days I’ve had in quite a while! xo
    Ilene recently posted…Maybe This Could Be BigMy Profile

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