Announcing the Winners and a Trip

1YR_BlogThanks to everyone for celebrating my one-year blogiversary with me!

I wouldn’t have reached the milestone without your love & support!

A huge shout out to Sturdy Girl Sports, Optic Nerve Sunglasses, TrailHeads, and Tahoe Mountain Sports for providing amazing prizes.

And now for the winners. Drumroll please…

Choice of Sturdy Girl Sports Capris or Bra – Allie @ VitaTrain For Life

50% off Sturdy Girl Sports Purchase – Amy @ Run Write Hike

50% off Sturdy Girl Sports Purchase – Chris

Optic Nerve Cloudrakers -  Eli @ Coach Daddy

TrailHeads Ponytail Running Cap - Stephanie @ So I’ve Been Thinking

$25 Tahoe Mountain Sports Gift Certificate - Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom

$25 Tahoe Mountain Sports Gift Certificate - Carly @ Fine Fit Day

Sailing Away

In other news, the girls’ daycare is closed next week for spring break, and we’re getting outta Dodge. As my husband and I started debating various destinations and options, these criteria rose to the top of our list:

Warm weather. Plenty of activities for the girls. No cooking or cleaning.

So, we booked a 7-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

What’s not to love?

A floating hotel that stops at a different destination every day. World renowned beaches stretching before us. 24-hour soft-serve at our disposal.

I’m really hoping our insanity pays off with wonderful memories of sugar-soft sand and crystal-clear waters.

And not cabin fever and GI issues.

While I’m gone, I’m leaving the blog in very capable hands with guest posts on Monday and Wednesday.

I’ll be back the following week with vacation recaps, a giveaway, and more.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Love it or hate it?

21 thoughts on “Announcing the Winners and a Trip

  1. Hi Nicole, and again a very Happy Blogiversary to you! So proud of you and that is just wonderful. I love all of the support and community you have here. Your family cruise sounds like an EXCELLENT choice for you and your husband AND the girls too boot! Here’s to wishing you an absolutely wonderful trip! :)
    Mike recently posted…Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies, Show Me The Money!My Profile

  2. I literally threw my hands up in the air and waved them around like I just don’t care when I saw my name!!!! I cannot wait to try out my new Sturdy Girl Capris – wooohoooo!!!!!
    I’m equally psyched that you’re taking a cruise! I so want to come with you. You need a fitness partner, don’t you? The last cruise I was on was in college but we want to take one with the boys on one since we hear it’s amazing for kids. Have the best time – relax, enjoy and drink lots of fountain coke!
    Allie recently posted…Remember Those New Year Resolutions?My Profile

  3. Wow – have fun! The weather won’t be great here..It might not be terrible, but you’ll be getting some fantastic vitamin D. Fantastic.
    And GI virus season is over – at least that’s what I’d tell myself. I’ve never been on a cruise and I have no plans to, because Cassidy is horrified of the thought of being “trapped” in the ocean. I think it sounds better than being “trapped” in our house, because it’s 29 degrees with a 0 degree wind chill in LATE March.
    Tamara recently posted…In The Light and Dark Spaces.My Profile

  4. Have fun! I’m not a cruise person…we’ve been on two. If I could just dock one place and explore one place, I’d be happy, but I hate having to rush and having only a few hours at a port. I’m a leisurely type traveler, not a pack it in. But the cruises I went on were shorter and definitely more rushed. Maybe a longer one would be better for me! Enjoy the sunny weather! And rest!
    Michelle recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: DoorsMy Profile

  5. Only been on one cruise, and while it was memorable, I still not entirely sold on it for vacation trips. Rather stay on “terra firma” and see some sights that I haven’t seen before. One island seems to match any other. I know that is short-sighted), but that is the way I feel.
    Enjoy your cruise, Don’t run ( you can swim with girls), and “pig out” on the fine cuisine. Maybe your hip will heal for a return to running and workouts upon your return. Love, Papa Q

  6. Thank you Nicole! This is pretty exciting! You sure I didn’t win a spot on that cruise with you guys? I’ve never been on one and I am super sensitive to motion sickness so I’d be a great one to have tag along, questions and puking all day every day. Right. Sounds like a good time.

    Can’t wait to get my hat! Thank you again! Have a great vacation!
    Stephanie recently posted…Favorite Live Songs for Twisted Mix-Tape TuesdayMy Profile

  7. Have a great time on your cruise! My family went on a cruise when I was in 8th or 9th grade and I had a blast. Except the night where I decided I could stop taking Dramamine because I hadn’t gotten seasick (hmmm.. maybe because I had been taking that medication up to that point??). But it was a blast, and there was so much to do for adults and kids. I hope y’all have a great experience!
    Meagan recently posted…Beating boredom on the treadmillMy Profile

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