Optic Nerve Dedisse Giveaway Winner

OpticNerve_DedisseThanks to everyone for entering the Optic Nerve Dedisse Giveaway!

Don’t forget to check out Optic Nerve’s awesome & very affordable selection of performance shades for every sport under the sun!

And now for the winner…

Dedisse Giveaway Winner

Allie at Vita Train 4 Life

Allie’s number was drawn randomly, but here’s her awesome comment about the places she’ll take her new Dedisse sunglasses:

Oh the places I will go with these!! New Haven 20K race, Hartford Half-Marathon, Duathlon National Championship in AZ…heck, if they’re as good as you say then I’ll pack ‘em for my trip to Vegas in Oct and wear ‘em on the strip!!

I expect pictures Allie! Even what happens in Vegas!!

Honorable Mentions

Here are some of other awesome comments from the contest:

Oooohhh, I could totally use a pair of lightweight and anti-fog sun glasses to help me tackle all the hiking trips that I promised my husband we would take this fall. I could also use a stunt double… who could go on those hikes in my place… ~ Emily

This one time, I splurged and bought some $5 sunglasses at Wal-mart. They were only marginally better than the dollar-store jobbies I gave them up for. I can’t imagine these … I might even be pretty in them. ~ Eli at Coach Daddy

I’m sure I would totally rock the Hokie Half Marathon if I had a new pair of Dedisse or Neurotoxin sunglasses. I would run so fast and look so cool that Hokie Bird would come up to ME and ask to have a picture taken together! Don’t you think? ~ Debbie at Deb Runs

Stay Tuned 

I’m partnering with Optic Nerve later this year to introduce their 2014 women-specific line. We’ve got lots more surprises in store!

Have you checked out Optic Nerve yet?

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