Summer Lovin: Kuhl Vega Sleeveless Dress Review

Vega_Twilight_SmAdmittedly I’m not a girly girl. A fact undeniably backed by my lack of make-up and hair products. If you run into me, chances are pretty darn good I’ll be sporting a ponytail, flip flops, and some form of athletic apparel.

I’ve worked from home for so long that I’ve been spoiled by the ability to roll out of bed and start my work day without giving my clothes a second thought. But sometimes I meet friends for lunch or run errands, and I don’t want to look like a total bum.

And I like to throw my husband for a loop every now and then by wearing ‘real’ clothes.

VegaSleevelessWhen summer starts to sizzle, there’s nothing I love more than a comfortable dress. Throw it on, pair with my nice flip flops, and I’m ready to hit the town!

So when Kühl sent me the Vega Sleeveless Dress to review, I let out a very girly squeal!

Kühl is best known for performance pants and shorts, and after reviewing the Aktiv Pant, I can confirm they make a rockin’ product. I was curious, could Kühl make a dress with the same attention to detail and superior design?

The answer: an emphatic YES!

Vega Sleeveless Dress Review

I received the reversible Kühl Vega Sleeveless Dress in Twilight N Eclipse (I can just hear all of the Twihards swooning!).

I usually order down a size in dresses because they tend to run a little bigger, plus you don’t have to worry about the fit around the waist as much as pants. The XS fit perfectly. Snug but not too tight, it hugged my curves just right.

CowlNeckThe Vega features a cowl neck with a drawcord. I was a little concerned about this feature and wasn’t sure how it would look.

No need to worry! It drapes nicely and is a great alternative to sundresses with plunging necklines that aren’t always appropriate for moms on the go! Date night, sure. Play dates and birthday parties, not so much!

The reversible design is like getting two dresses for the price of one, and you can go from day to evening with a quick flip! As Kühl so eloquently puts it, the Vega ‘gives you two chances to cause a stir.’

I honestly can’t decide which side I like better, so I’ve just been switching every time I wear the dress.

And I’ve been wearing the dress a lot. To birthday parties. Out to lunch. Running errands. It’s become my go-to dress.

What I Love

Super Soft Fabric & Flattering Fit

The Vega is made from a modal fabric blended with organic cotton. The fabric is super soft and feels like your husband’s most comfortable jersey tee. The fabric stretches just enough to be forgiving, so the dress drapes nicely and hugs your body without clinging.

Seriously, this fabric is amazing. Kühl should make more dresses, tees, and tanks out of this material. I’d wear a snuggie out of this stuff, it’s that soft!

Beautiful Colors

The reversible Vega comes in beautiful color combinations. The fabric features a subtle heather that gives the solid colors depth & personality. I love the Twilight N Eclipse, but the Coral N Hibiscus would definitely kick up the heat!


Perfect Length

The Vega falls just above the knee, making it the perfect length for just about everything. No flashing innocent bystanders when I’m scooping up my toddler from impending disaster or reaching for that must-have item on the top shelf at Target.

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket

The small, flush pocket on the right hip is perfect for keys, change, and even a phone. Unlike pockets on other dresses, it doesn’t add bulk or width to the dress. Laid at a slight angle, it’s streamlined with the rest of the dress, providing function without impacting form. I’m a sucker for a well-positioned pocket, and this one fits the bill!


Washes & Wears Well

I wore the Vega a few times before washing. I followed the instructions and washed on the delicate cycle in cold water. I laid the dress flat to dry and threw into the dryer (no heat!) for a few minutes to knock out the wrinkles.

After washing, the colors still looked great, and the fabric held its shape. The dress did feel a little snugger, but it stretched out after a few minutes.

What I Didn’t Love

I had a very hard time coming up with anything I didn’t like about this dress!

My only, very minor complaint is that the drawcord strings for the cowl neck are really long. Quick solution: tie in a bow, or snip and tie off the ends.

Making the Grade

For the first time in WISM history, I’m awarding the Vega Sleeveless Dress an A+ Plus! Supremely soft, super comfortable, and easy on the eyes, it’s everything I look for in a casual dress.

The Vega will take you just about anywhere in style. I’d even pack this dress for business trips; it’s definitely nice enough for business casual environments.

The Vega Sleeveless Dress retails at $74. For $5 more, you can get the full-sleeved version for spring and fall. I’ve already got my eye on the Zenith N Glacier Blue!

I received the Vega Sleeveless Dress at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.

Do you like to wear dresses or skirts during summer? What do you look for in a casual dress?

64 thoughts on “Summer Lovin: Kuhl Vega Sleeveless Dress Review

  1. Cotton dresses I love! I’m with you- always in work out clothes but do try to spruce it up for the hubby with a cotton dress every now and then. Although I still try to buy dresses with razorbacks so I can sport the sports bra underneath! Bad??? Definitely not “sexy!”
    emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted…To Tell or Not To TellMy Profile

    • Laughing, I too love dresses that either have built-in shelf bras or work with a sports bra. You could totally pull off a sports bra in this dress, which makes it perfect for going from the gym to just about anywhere!

  2. Great review and awesome dress! Like you, I am constantly wearing hair in a pony, sneakers or flip flops, and sweats. Once i get home from work, I just don’t want to wear real clothes.
    However, that dress looks super comfy and is adorable! Love that it’s reversible, too. And a pocket in a dress is my favourite feature!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted…The drafter became the drafteeMy Profile

    • You would love this dress Abby. So comfy and definitely pony & flip flop compatible! It would be perfect for lounging around after a long ride or for an evening out after a long hike!

  3. You look so pretty! what a great dress!! i always buy a dress or two at the start of summer but then what do i end up living in? shorts or workout gear. my problem is that my summer dresses- once i get them in my house, bc i never realize this at the store- turn out to either be too dressy or too flimsy. the perfect summer dress is really hard! i have 2 maxis that i really like, but thats it. this might just solve my summer dress conundrum!
    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted…The Perfect Cheer!My Profile

    • Summer dress conundrum solved! This dress is not flimsy and will withstand assault from the frigid air conditioning found in every office building/restaurant in summertime. And it’s the perfect balance between dressy and too casual. You won’t look like you’re trying too hard, but you’ll still look absolutely fabulous!

  4. Yes, that is the same girl all dressed up. WOW! You can look “girly” by playing dress up. Almost don’t recognize (joking) the model today. Haha,

    • Thank you Ilene! Aren’t the colors awesome? 4 dresses, 2 colors each. A different color for every day of the week, plus a bonus day. Hmmmm, there’s a thought!

  5. I’m totally a dresses girl in the summer (if I’m not in running wear!). I look for fun patterns and comfy material. I like to just throw on something and go with very little-no styling. I usually just throw on one of my favorite necklaces and flip flops and I’m ready for the day. I love fun skirts but as I have to work to make them work (as in add a shirt/tank top), I rarely wear them. …..Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    Emily @ Running for Boston recently posted…Hard runs and cold beersMy Profile

  6. That dress looks very pretty on you! :-)

    No surprise, I’m not a girly girl either. At all. The only reason I occasionally wear skirts and dresses is because my husband keeps telling me I look stunning in them. If it was just for me I would be in jeans or running apparel 24/7. I have short hair, too.

    • Welcome to the non girly girl running club! I think you’d be surprised at how comfy this dress is (I’m all about comfort!), and it would still get a ‘you look stunning’ from your hubby!

  7. Lovely!

    I’ve given away all of my good teaching clothes since I now teach from home, but sometimes I just want to wear something different. You know, not running shorts and race tees.

    This might be a great one to check out. Thanks!
    Wendy @ New Moms Talk recently posted…Wheeler Creek HikeMy Profile

    • I was really skeptical about the cowl neck & drawstring and was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I love this particular design! I think it works well with this soft material. I’m not sure a more structured neckline would work as well with this material. I think you might need something that’s not as free flowing.

  8. This dress fits you perfectly – you’re so tiny! And I feel you about the pony tail and gym clothes…I’m in the same thing right now :).

    I used to HATE dresses, but they’re my go to right now, especially cotton ones. You don’t have to match bottoms to a top…just throw on with some flip flops and you’re out the door.
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme. recently posted…Target Practice – Full Steam AheadMy Profile

    • You are so sweet Sara! And so glad I’m not the only one rockin’ the pony tail and gym clothes! I love the ease of dresses too, especially dresses that work with flip flops!

  9. Love the dress on you. Who would have thought that my little girl would be writing a review for a dress! You need to get the red one also. By the way, you wore a lot of dresses when you were little and you looked darned cute.

  10. I LOVE this look…and you look great in it! I have several dresses from Athleta that fit perfectly and make me look like I actually thought about what I was going to wear. I’m definitely popping over to check out this dress!!
    Allie Burdick recently posted…SPA by DEXTERMy Profile

    • Thanks Allie! I literally salivate when the Athleta catalog arrives, but I’ve had the worst luck with the dresses I’ve ordered. I’ve had to send back several dresses because the fit wasn’t right or the dress wasn’t what I expected. I was thrilled to discovered Kuhl because their prices are right in line with Athleta, and everything has fit me like a dream so far!

    • Thanks Laura! It’s always a mad scramble when I have to go on a business trip and figure out what I’m going to wear for a week in the office! It’s nice to have some versatile, go-to pieces like this. Plus, even as a professed not girly girl, I still like to rock a dress every now & then!

  11. I love summer dresses and little skirts!!
    That dress looks ideal – gonna have to check out the site. I wish I had one here on Florida!! Looks like something that would pack easily.
    Great review – you should get commission if anyone buys something after reading your excellent post today!
    Kim recently posted…Pictures are Better than WordsMy Profile

    • If it weren’t for freezing my legs & toosh off, I might like dresses in the winter too! They are so perfect for summer because you can just throw them on & go! I’m planning to take this dress on a trip to Maine next month, so I’ll let you know how it packs up. Laughing, love the commission idea! I love writing product reviews, especially for outdoor/athletic gear and apparel. Kuhl makes such great clothes that it’s really easy to review them! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid to travel to incredible places and review gear? Sounds like a dream job to me!

  12. Oh, it’s cute! I wear pretty much only dresses all summer. Unless it’s unseasonably cool and I need pants for whatever reason. I have super cute ones for special occasions but mostly I’m just looking for things like this. You look great in the blue one, by the way. At first my eyes were drawn to the red dress and then I started to think about the blue one and there you were modeling it!
    Tamara recently posted…Learning To Fly, To Ilene’s Place!My Profile

    • I really could wear this dress every day! Would that be weird? At least I can flip the colors so it’s not exactly the same every day! I love sporty dresses too; they’re perfect for busy, active mamas on the go!

    • Nellie, you would own Brooklyn and the rest of NYC in this dress! I can totally see you in the red, you hot mama! Whether you’re out on the town, or lounging around the house, this dress really is perfect!

    • Christine, I can totally see you rockin’ an amazing yoga pose in this dress, just not a handstand! Yes, working at home lends itself to yoga pants & flip flops! But think of all the money we save because we don’t have to buy tons of office apparel. Which means more money for yoga pants, flip flops, and awesome dresses like the Vega! Not sure my husband would agree with that logic…

    • Thank you Sits Girls! I can’t tell you how much it made my morning to see this comment from you! Thanks for stopping by. And you know you’d both be rockin’ this dress all over the place!

  13. Despite my recent yammering about spandex, I actually do wear a fair number of dresses during the “summer” (here, that’s year-round). My sister turned me on to casual dresses as “daily” wear – and trust me, 3/4 of my dresses are made from technical fabric, and I think they all have some spandex!

    I’m looking for:
    1. A top that is appropriate for my bra-needs (If I’ll need to wear a bra, with the dress cover the bra? If the bra is built in, is the fabric thick enough? Supportive enough? Slightly padded so I actually appear to HAVE boobs? etc…).
    2. A skirt that won’t hitch up, get stuck, lay funny, or look weird.
    3. A dress with shape. Particularly a shape that works well with the body I have.
    4. Will it hide sweat stains? Because it’s always hot here, and I’m going to sweat. My armpits will sweat, my sternum will sweat, my stomach will sweat, and sweat will drip down my back and collect at the top of my undies. If the dress’s fabric is going to turn dark and obvious when I sweat, it’s usually a no-go for me. Sometimes a busy pattern will also make up for this. I don’t care – as long as I won’t be walking around with obvious dark circles under my arm, at my boobs, and around my waist. I didn’t used to care much about this point (in Rochester, I was more often grabbing a jacket) – but here, it’s essential for me. Underwear lines don’t bother me, but I hate sporting sweat-wet-marks.
    Holly @ Run With Holly recently posted…What do you get for spending the weekend at the gym?My Profile

    • Such important considerations, and I hear ya on every single one! A dress with a supportive shelf bra that gives the girls some shape is da bomb, and overall shape is so important. If I was looking for no shape, I’d just throw a garbage bag over my head and be done with it! I’m sure the Deep South has nothing on Singapore’s heat, but I can still work up quite a sweat in summer. And nobody wants to see sweat stains! Definitely worse than panty lines!!

  14. AH love this! I am already hankering for that black one! Would go with any color of Chacos ;) You look adorable, as usual! It looks so cozy!! One of my favorite winter coats is made by Kuhl..definitely a solid company with even more solid products!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Ponder Me ThisMy Profile

    • Aren’t all of the colors great?! Ohhh, which jacket do you have? I’m digging Kuhl’s summer line-up, but I already have my eye on just about everything for fall & winter. I live in fleece jackets & zip-ups when it gets cool.

  15. LOVE this dress! I love cowl necks. And those colors are great! I like wearing anything that’s feminine yet sporty! I live in my Title 9 and Athleta skorts all summer long!! I have a couple dresses I wear too. :)
    Michelle recently posted…It’s a Big Dog PartyMy Profile

    • I know that Kuhl has different inseam lengths for pants & shorts, but I’m not sure about dresses. I’ll check for you! I just bought the long-sleeved version of this dress in Scarlet N Ruby. Not quite the same as the summer reds, but I can’t wait to try it on. I was tempted to get the Glacier N Blue, but I already have a few long-sleeved blue dresses, so I thought I’d try something different. If I can ever figure out the panty line issue, you’ll be the first to know!!

    • Don’t you just LOVE the Vega?! I LOVED it so much that I bought the long-sleeved version yesterday! I think I could buy every single item from Kuhl’s women’s line. I’m already drooling over the fleeces, sweaters, and zip-ups for fall & winter!!

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