Travel Tips for New Parents

Today I’m thrilled to be guest writing at One Trailing Spouse. Emily writes about her adventures as a trailing spouse and, as of last month, her adventures as a new mom to beautiful Trailing Baby.

Not only is Emily my blogging mentor & guru, but we’re also extended family. Emily is my husband’s cousin, so our children are second cousins. It’s like six degrees of separation, blogger edition. I’m sure we could trace our way to Kevin Bacon if we gave it the ol’ college try.

Emily and her husband travel. All. The. Time. To some incredible places around the globe. Since Trailing Baby will be tagging along, my guest post is all about surviving the packing, check-in, and security gauntlet before your trip begins. Flying with infants can be a daunting task, but with a little know-how, it can be a wonderful experience. Or at least fodder for a funny blog post!

Carry On? In Your Dreams!

Before our girls arrived, my husband and I had perfected the art of packing. We were savvy business travelers who could cram a week’s worth of clothes and essentials into a small roller board. We never checked bags unless we were going on a lengthy vacation, and even then we managed to cram most of our gear into our backpacks.

Enter baby girl #1. Who knew babies needed so much stuff?! We had to figure out how to pack for another, very needy person who required an endless supply of diapers, wipes, and clothes.

Enter baby girl #2. Rinse and repeat. At least #1 was out of diapers and excited to carry her own backpack.

Worth the Patdowns

Yes, there’s nothing like traveling with children to make you appreciate the glorious solitude of business travel. But, despite all of the extra planning, time, patience, and occasional patdown, introducing your children to travel at an early age is well worth the effort. Case in point: 

The Payoff

The Payoff

So, head over to One Trailing Spouse and Come Fly the Kid Friendly Skies with me. This post is chockful of helpful advice for flying with babies and young children. I know some of you have big trips with your wee ones coming up (AMRTT, I’m talking to you!), so be sure to leave your thoughts, and I’ll reply.

While you’re there, be sure to check out Emily’s other awesome content, including her unique experiences living in Kenya last year.

Suitcase Photo By: Gideon

18 thoughts on “Travel Tips for New Parents

    • It really makes a HUGE difference, doesn’t it? The first time I flew for business after flying with the girls, I couldn’t believe how simple it was!

  1. Oh I am just so grateful for this post. We will be traveling to Michigan when our baby is around 2 months old. What is the “infant-in-arms”, does that just mean you are carrying your baby? Do we need to call the airlines prior to our flight to make sure this is on our boarding pass or is this an option to choose from if we check in online? Sorry for all the questions but this is great information. Thank you for sharing and introducing another great blog! :)
    Rosi recently posted…Workout #14 Bridal Boot Camp SeriesMy Profile

    • I was going to send you an email about this post, so I’m glad you beat me to it! Infant-in-arms means that you are going to hold your child (must be under 2 at time of flight) and aren’t purchasing a separate seat for them. If you’ve already bought your tickets, you can call your airline and have infant-in-arms added to one of your tickets. Otherwise, you should be able to select the option at the time you purchase your ticket. I’ll have the second part of this post up on Wednesday on my site, so check back for more helpful hints!

    • Thanks for the travel tip! Will have to check out the Everyday Minimalist. I’m really good at packing for business trips but could definitely use some tips for lightening the load with wee ones!

  2. Oh traveling with kids is VERY different. I miss being able to sleep or read on the plane to pass the time. Maybe I can get 10 minutes but that’s about it. I will say that an ipad is a life saver! ;)
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…I RanMy Profile

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