Moving Comfort Vixen & Interval Tank Review

Vixen_DressingRoom_FrontToday I’m continuing my Quest for the Perfect Sports Bra. After my fitting at Fleet Feet Kingsport, I was ready to test my new bras to see if Moving Comfort lived up to its stellar reputation.

I wore the Vixen A/B on five runs: 3 mile easy road; 3 miles at summer track meet, including all-out 1-mile effort; 7 mile track workout; 9 mile trail, 7 mile treadmill.

Total Miles: 29

What I Love

According to Moving Comfort, the Vixen

…has earned favorite status for its racer-back design, contoured cups, flattering v-neck, and feminine accent piping.



Blurry self-portrait & YES, I’m sucking in!

I immediately agreed the v-neck was flattering and loved the overall style. The contrast piping and structured seams make this bra a beauty.

I rarely run in just a sports bra for several reasons, including my post-baby belly and the practical use of my shirt to wipe sweat off my face.

If I were to strip down, the Vixen would be my top choice. In addition to the stylish design, the contoured cups prevent nipple show-through and give the girls a nice shape instead of smashing them into the dreaded uni-boob. As fellow runner and blogger Debbie commented, no more looking like a 12-year-old boy!


The A/B small was the perfect fit for my frame. Not so tight that it constricted my breathing and not too loose that the fabric moved or rubbed against my skin. It was just right.

TIP – Your entire breast should fit in the cup. If you are sporting major cleavage or spilling out the sides, try the next size up. On the flip side, your breasts should not be swimming in the cups. If you need to send a search party in, try a smaller size.


I’ve had trouble with seamless, polyester/spandex bras chafing my skin and leaving painful, red burns at the neck and below my breasts.

While the body of the Vixen is made from a polyester/spandex blend, the underside of the band features soft material with raised circles that grip your skin and prevent sliding. Given my tendency to chafe, I was a little worried that these would irritate my skin, but I’m happy to report the band stayed firmly in place. Major points for zero chafing!


The back straps are constructed of Moving Comfort’s Drilayer Powermesh, providing ventilation to keep you cool. Since four of my runs were done in hot temperatures (80 & above), I greatly appreciated this feature!

CupsHigh Impact Support

The Vixen definitely lives up to Moving Comfort’s reputation for support. The encapsulated cups are extremely supportive and comfortable.

Whether I was pounding my way down the track, taking it easy on a recovery run, or climbing and descending single track, the girls were snugly encased, and I felt very little movement or bounce in any direction.

What I Didn’t Love

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the Vixen. However, there were a few things I wasn’t crazy about:

V-Neck Seam

I really love the flattering look of the v-neck, but there’s a rough seam where the two sides of the bra meet in the V. This was the only spot on the bra that rubbed my skin. It would be great to eliminate, reduce, or smooth out this seam.

Too Much Structure/Shape

As I already mentioned, I don’t typically wear sports bras solo. While the structure and shape of the bra were great when wearing alone, I didn’t like the way some of my running shirts laid on top of the bra.

With compression bras, my shirts lay pretty flat, but the thickness of the individual cups in the Vixen gave this bra just enough shape to alter the fit & feel of some shirts. Personally, I like less va-va-voom and more za-za-zoom when I’m running. Or maybe I just need some new running shirts!

Thick Cup Material

The cups are constructed of Moving Comfort’s Drilayer Buzz 50% S. Café polyester/50% polyester blend to transfer moisture away from your breasts. The day I went trail running was extremely hot and humid, and I was sweating buckets. The cups did a good job wicking the moisture away from my skin, but by the end of my run, the Vixen felt heavy & waterlogged.

Interval Tank

I wore the tank on four separate occasions, including a 5-mile tempo, 9-mile fast-finish, 4-mile easy, and 7-mile track workout.

I was ecstatic to find the Interval Tank supportive enough for running, while simultaneously addressing some of the things I didn’t love about the Vixen.

I especially liked the M-frame construction which features separate cups with less material/bulk than the fully encapsulated Vixen. It’s not as supportive, but I preferred the tank’s streamlined, flat-lying front to the more structured Vixen.


The Interval Tank also features mesh zones and a stash pocket on the back. I love the pocket, but I wish the mesh zones were bigger. Running in the summer heat, I could definitely use a little more ventilation.

Unfortunately the v-neck seam on the interval tank rubbed more than the Vixen, probably because the bra lies flatter against my chest.

Making the Grade

Interval_TrackOverall, I’d give the Vixen a B+ for high intensity running. Retailing at $36, the price is in line with other top brands and a solid investment for your running wardrobe.

The thickness of cup material downgraded this from an A. I’d love to try a similar bra with a more streamlined profile.

The Interval Tank earned an A-. I’m thrilled this tank is supportive enough to wear alone, and I’d definitely buy another one.

My only real complaint is the pesky v-neck seam, but otherwise I love this tank! Retailing at $54, it’s a little pricey, but I was able to find great deals online for past season’s colors.

Fleet Feet Kingsport provided the Moving Comfort Vixen A/B sports bra at no cost. I was provided no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own. Special thanks to Phil, Stephanie, and the Fleet Feet team for all of your help!


Do you have a favorite running tank or top you can’t live without? What’s your favorite piece of athletic apparel?

Fitness Friday

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40 thoughts on “Moving Comfort Vixen & Interval Tank Review

  1. Interesting. I guess since my sports bras aren’t technically broken I shouldn’t fix them… but maybe it’ll increase my speed if I get a good one ;)
    I love running in sports bras and tanks with really light flowy material. Don’t like anything tight around my waist when I run because it just ends up riding up!
    Emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted…Flashback Friday MealsMy Profile

  2. I am a huge fan (right now) of my hub’s Antelope Island Buffalo Run finisher’s shirt. I’m not sure who made it, but it’s long- as in long enough to cover my 5’10” long torso and not ride up. Plus it’s not a color my hub would wear (bright pink) so he’ll never take it.
    Wendy @ New Moms Talk recently posted…Utah MorningsMy Profile

  3. Lol- love this line: “I like less va-va-voom and more za-za-zoom when I’m running.” so true, I have a few sports bras that have some contouring (i don’t even know what brand, my mom sent them to me a while back) and i have to admit my favorite part is that they’re good for for hiding that nipple show-through that tends to happen to me whenever i work out. i dont really care about the shape , I just like that coverage :) I need to try this vixen.
    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted…The Survey of Life (Sung in the voice that sings “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King)My Profile

    • You should definitely try the Vixen! No nipple show-through whatsoever! While I’m not sure this will become my favorite running bra, it’s definitely a winner for other activities, especially when I don’t want to look like a 12-year-old boy and want some shape!

    • I love this tank, especially right now because it’s so hot and I want to stay as cool as possible! Yes, I’m sure it’s not proper etiquette to wipe your face with your shirt, but I can’t stand to have sweat dripping down my face. Plus it stings something fierce if it gets into your eyes!

  4. Do they come in Mom sizes? I will probabably never run again, but I will definitely be walking again and I am already riding the bike.

    • Yay, I’m so glad you’re back on the bike already! And, YES, you definitely need to support your girls when you walk. I don’t know where I got my IBTC genes, but it sure wasn’t from you!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Frugal Exerciser. Moving Comfort has several high impact bras that are made for bigger breasts, and their website has a bra selection tool that might help you find what you’re looking for!

    • We’ll have to compare notes as we continue our quests for the perfect running bra! 20% off Athleta this weekend – time to check out those shorts!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sherry! You’re the second person to recommend Under Armour, so I’ll have to check them out as my quest for perfection continues. Can’t wait to check out your blog – would love to visit New Zealand some day. It’s on my travel bucket list!

  5. Great review! I love my Moving Comfort shorts, so I’m not surprised that they make a good bra. I agree that the padding in the cups get kind of water logged when I sweat heavily and that’s the main downside with the sports bra I just got.

    Thanks for the shout out! :-)
    Debbie @ Deb Runs… recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    • Thanks Debbie! I’ll have to check out their running shorts too. If I can find a good pair of running shorts that are comfy and don’t stink to the high heavens, I will stock up like they’re going out of style!

  6. I usually buy Under Armour bras but I might have to check this out. I used to love Moving Comfort stuff and moved away from them (for no particular reason). I have a couple Nike tanks I love and most of my shorts are Nike too. But my favorite running apparel items are my running skirts. I can’t tell you the brand because everything is in the laundry. Guess what I need to do today?!
    Michelle recently posted…Campus Book Rentals: A Great Way to Save on Your College TextbooksMy Profile

    • Laughing, laundry is a daily activity in our house. Between the kids’ clothes, running apparel, sheets & towels, and miscellaneous items, there is always something to be washed, folded, or put away. It never ends! You’ll have to let me know what brand running skirt you recommend. The Nike Tempo & Pacer shorts are my favs, but I’d love to find a good running skirt!

  7. Thank you for an honest bra-review. Right now I’m looking for a real-bra and a sports-bra that do the job for the almost-girls I have. I’m having no luck at all. Um. None. There will never be a need/desire for me to run in just my bra, so I wouldn’t try this one… I appreciate a review nonetheless! recently posted…Crushed…My Profile

    • We can continue the quest together Stephanie! I’m still searching for the perfect running bra, and I’ll definitely keep you posted. Be on the look out for more reviews! And let me know if you find a good real bra too. I’m going to need one of those too!

    • Breastfeeding definitely helped me torch calories in the early days, but then I found my body hung on to those last few pounds until the end. Guess my body needed a little extra to produce all that milk, but the last little bit quickly melted away after I weaned my girls. And what does weight loss usually mean? Not smaller hips or thighs of course. Seems like those last few lbs were all up top and quickly disappeared after I stopped nursing.

    • A great pair of shoes can be a runner’s best friend! Agree that running socks are important too. I like the really thin, low-cut socks. Anything too thick drives me crazy!

  8. This is the perfect post for me! I am just looking into getting a new sports bra as mine has begun to rub and left me with some horrible chafing, I think where its too big now! I really need to invest in some pretty workout gear, for so long I told myself no incase I didn’t stay dedicated but nowadays it’s the clothing I wear frequently, haha.
    Kate recently posted…The 15 Minute Daily Workout.My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kate! I bet the chafing is related to your bras not fitting right anymore. Sounds like it’s time for a major athletic apparel shopping spree! YAY!

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