That Deserves a Star – Favorite Things & Link Round-Up

That Deserves a StarWe had rainy weather last weekend, but, as Bean is quick to remind us, rain is good because it makes the flowers and trees grow! We still enjoyed the weekend and did lots of fun indoor activities, like painting and baking. Bean LOVED making whoopie pies from a kit. She was in charge of the sprinkles!

This edition of That Deserves a Star features a few of my favorite things, as well as some great posts from around the blogosphere.

Favorite Things

The Farmer’s Market opened last weekend, and we were ready to peruse the stands bright & early. Bean loves looking at the fresh flowers and veggies, and Monkey enjoys going along for the ride.


It’s azalea season in Northeast Tennessee, and these beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere. Our pink azaleas burst open last week, and the white buds are close behind.


We have piles of Bean’s artwork in our house, and every now and then we have to purge when she’s not looking. But I LOVE last weekend’s red snowman and the cutest stick figure EVER on her Magna Doodle.

We go for a walk, wagon ride, or good ol’ fashioned yard-romp every evening after dinner. Can’t you just see Monkey’s independent streak in the way she’s confidently marching across the yard? Babble loudly and carry a little stick!


Link Round-up

On Being Present

Christine at Love, Life, Surf recently wrote a great reflection on the ever-present work-life balance myth and why we should stop trying to attain this unattainable goal. In Stop Trying to Achieve Balance, she encourages us to stop searching for balance and instead focus on being present. I love how she uses yoga as a metaphor:

…achieving balance in any one pose requires you to make subtle shifts and to counterbalance different body parts and muscle groups. It often feels like your body is working in opposition to itself.

~ Christine, Love, Life, Surf

I know I often feel pulled in opposite directions, juggling & struggling to keep up with work, home, friends, family, and personal goals. But when I step back, forget the to-do list, and enjoy the moments with my husband and girls, that’s when everything clicks into place.

I’m not saying being present is easy. It’s a daily struggle! I catch myself sneaking glances at my smartphone, and some nights I’m counting down the minutes until bedtime because the girls are driving me nuts. But every day is a chance to be better than yesterday. What do you do to be present with your loved ones?


Are you following NYC Running Mama? You should be! Not only is this inspiring mother of two an incredible athlete, but she documents her journey with beautifully written, heartfelt posts. I loved her honest reflection in Making Time for My Spouse’s Fitness, and we can all learn from her courageous, heartbreaking decision to DNF in last weekend’s NJ Marathon. I’m simply amazed at her ability to find & focus on the positive, even though things didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped.

90’s Flashback

Check out this fun 90’s Flashback on Commitness to Fitness. Charlotte counts down her favs In The 8 Greatest Sports Movies from Your Youth. See if your favorite is on the list!

Family Fitness Challenge

If you haven’t already, hop over to A Mom Runs This Town and check out Emma’s Family Fitness Challenge. AMRTT is one of my favorite stops on the daily blog circuit, and she’s put together a great challenge to get the entire family movin’ and groovin’ in May.

What are your spring favorites?

22 thoughts on “That Deserves a Star – Favorite Things & Link Round-Up

  1. You are SO sweet… need to go check out those other ladies! Thanks for sharing. And in reference to your artwork purging… I used to teach and had a bunch of parents say at the end of each month they let their kids pick out 2 pieces of art to put in a binder. Bean might be too young still, but maybe one day?
    Can’t wait to get out to our farmer’s market one weekend (whenever we have a free one). I could spend hours there… Justin could NOT.
    Emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted…How Motherhood Has Made Me a Better Runner… for the most partMy Profile

    • Love the idea to pick out a few favorite pieces of artwork to save. Right now the side of our pantry is covered in some of the best projects the girls have done at daycare, including lots of adorable animals made out of foot and handprints! I’ve also been saying that I want to scan some of them in to preserve digitally, but I have yet to do it!

  2. Ahh thanks for the shout out! You have no idea how excited that made me :) And I can’t wait to look at the other blogs you mentioned this morning. Those azaleas are soo pretty, I absolutely love that flower. I’m so happy the flowers are finally in bloom around here too, it puts me in a good mood every morning seeing them as I walk to work.

    Monkey is absolutely adorable!!
    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted…I Don’t Think It’s A Mistake The Word “Diet” Has The Word “Die” In ItMy Profile

    • You are so welcome. I love reading your posts every morning. They are so fun & put me in a great mood to start the day! And I promise I’m going to work on my Liebster info this week!

  3. Being present with my family requires honesty. There are times when my mind is focused on an emotion, a work gig, my hunger, etc. It means reminding myself where I want to be, choose to be, etc.

    Some moments I’m very present and others I’m not. It, for me, is about acceptance of who I am and what choice I want to make in each moment. It’s about forgiveness and love, too.
    Wendy @ New Moms Talk recently posted…TMI on LOLMy Profile

    • I have to thank you! Your Friday Favorites are the inspiration behind this pictorial list of favorites. I love reading about your favorites and seeing the pics!

  4. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful blogs for us to check out!

    I definitely agree that we need to cherish today and consider it as a time for things to be better than the day before. We can’t be perfect, and nothing ever will be perfect. We just need to be happy with what we have for now.

    • Thanks Becky! I’m a type A, driven, competitive person, and I used to make myself absolutely miserable striving for perfection. But as more and more birthdays pass, I’ve come to realize that perfection is not real. We are perfectly imperfect, and that’s what makes us so freakin’ awesome! Completely agree with you that we need to cherish what we have. Life is really good, if we just let ourselves see it!

  5. Thanks so much Nicole for the link love! That post seems to have hit a chord with a lot of people. And I agree – Michele from NYC Running Mama is awesome and such a wonderful person. And azaleas and artwork always make me smile.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Run MommyMy Profile

    • No problem Christine! It’s an AWESOME post, so I wanted to share it. And thanks for introducing me to NYC Running Mama – I discovered her through a guest post on your blog!

    • You are so welcome, and I meant every word…you are truly an inspiration to all! After serving your country so selflessly and courageously, you deserve to reach all of your goals. And I have no doubt you will! Looking forward to following you along the way.

    • Hope to see some of your azalea pics soon! I’m constantly amazed & humbled by the talented bloggers out there. It’s been amazing to connect with other like-minded women, and I’ve been blown away by the support & encouragement as a new blogger. Such an awesome community!

  6. The Farmer’s Market and azalea photos are gorgeous! I’m waiting for some colour around these parts other than the brown grass!
    Thanks for the links- they sound like great reads!
    My spring favourite is the lack of snow!!!

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