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That Deserves a StarBean earns stars in her preschool class for good behavior. If she’s accumulated enough stars at the end of each week, she gets to pick something from the treasure chest. My first born, type A daughter is highly motivated by this system. Now when she does something good at home, she’ll ask us if that deserves a star. In her honor, my link round-ups will be called That Deserves a Star.

An entire day elapses between the time I wake up and the time I arrive at work. I call it the working mom time warp. I can totally relate to this post. It never ceases to amaze me how much time gets sucked up by the morning routine. Even when I get an early start to the day, it’s always a battle to get the girls to daycare at a decent time. And it’s always worse when I have an early meeting and need to adhere to a timeline. My girls are like predatory animals and can smell fear. The more I try to rush, the longer everything takes!

10 Stupid Perceptions About Work-at-home Moms is the perfect snarky companion to 2 Legit 2 Quit. I’ve struggled with many of the same misconceptions and unique challenges of working from home. But, at the end of the day, I’m a glass half full gal, and I can’t complain too much. Of course, I’m still waiting for some distinct, unknown relative to leave his fortune to me so that I become independently wealthy and can travel the world. But, until that happens, I LOVE my job AND get to work in my sweats! SWEET!

In a Letter to My Body: I’m Sorry the brave author of Happy Fit Mama writes a letter of apology to her body. Now that I have two daughters of my own, I’m even more aware of the life-long challenges with body image that many women face. I don’t want my daughters to become part of the national obesity crisis, but I don’t want them to have unrealistic expectations about what a normal, healthy body looks like either. We should all take a moment and stop being so hard on ourselves. Sure, my body will never look as great as it did at 19, but since then it’s done some pretty amazing things, like bring my two beautiful daughters into this world.

Finally, Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You’re in Preschool had me laughing so hard I was crying. Not only is this anecdote downright hilarious, but I can totally see my youngest daughter doing something like this when she’s older. I’ve already noticed quite a few differences between my first born and my youngest, and I can’t wait to see how they play out!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “That Deserves a Star – Link Round-up

  1. I’m enjoying these posts. They bring a smile to my face just thinking about my little grandchildren Bean and Monkey! Enjoy each day with them – enven though some days you are ready to put them to bed at 6 pm!

  2. Life is filled with memories … some beautiful ones and some that we wish we could forget but life is life. Our kids are our treasure, we will cherish them forever, no matter what and our body well……. let’s not go there hi hi hi. I also enjoy reading the posts … keep on sending xxxxx

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