Why I’m Glad We Have an Artificial Christmas Tree

This year I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas.

As in, the beautiful, clear, blue-green waters of the Caribbean.

The only white stuff I’ll be playing in will be warm, sugar-soft sand between my bare toes.


In my effort to go all green, I’m also recycling a post from Christmas past.

We put up our (fake) tree extra early this year because we knew we wouldn’t be home for the holidays. The girls have been enjoying the twinkling lights and VT ornaments since the weekend before Thanksgiving. Just one more benefit of a not-so-piney-fresh tree.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Online GIS Certificate

Now that Bean is a full-fledged kindergartner, Education is top of mind.

Not just hers, but mine.

Watching Bean grow and learn has me thinking about my education. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, that have shaped and molded me.

Please welcome my guest, Annie Davis, as she gets us thinking outside the walls of a traditional classroom.

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Heart of the Run: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual MashupsSometimes we need to step back. Take a break. Re-prioritize.

Long hours in the office. Frequent business travel. New schedules, challenges, and growing pains.

Work-life balance? Ha.

Sometimes, something has to give.

For me, that something has been blogging.

I didn’t intend to take an unplanned, extended hiatus from writing, but that’s what happened.

Honestly, I’m not sure how often I’ll be in this space. For now, I’ll do what I can, with a little help from friends and fellow writers, like Lucy Illingworth.

For me, running helps me find my sweet spot, no matter how stressful life gets. Lucy shares her favorite ways to hit the sweet spot. Continue reading

Growing Pains: A Guest Post at Raising Humans

You may have noticed. My blogging has been wildly inconsistent lately.

Sporadic at best.

The writing?

Meh just about sums it up.

I wish I could blame it on carefree summer days spent poolside. Unfortunately, my summer has been filled with long days – and nights – at the office.

But when one of my blogging heroes, Tricia at Raising Humans, asked me to participate in her Growing Together series, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The writing didn’t come easy. It was downright painful, y’all.

My brain struggled to find the right words. They were locked away behind endless spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations.

I kept at it.

Tap, tap, tap on the keyboard. Read. Delete. Stare dumbly at the screen. Repeat.

Eventually, the pain subsided and the words emerged. That’s what my guest post is all about.

Not the brain pain of writer’s block, but the growing pains we experience in life.


I’m closing comments here today, so please join me at Raising Humans.

After you read today’s post, stick around and check out Tricia’s amazing site. Don’t miss her Lovely Little Things series for a beautiful perspective on the good life.

Portuguese Prayer of the Woods

I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights, the friendly shade screening you from the summer sun, and my fruits are refreshing draughts quenching your thirst as you journey on.

I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table, the bed on which you lie, and the timber that builds your boat.

I am the handle of your hoe, the door of your homestead, the wood of your cradle, and the shell of your coffin.

I am the bread of kindness and the flower of beauty.

Ye who pass by, listen to my prayer: Harm me not.


Back soon with race recaps and more!

I’ll Never Forget When…Making the Holidays Special for Our Kids

American Flag on the Fourth of JulyWith the long holiday weekend ahead, this mama is frantic.

Laundry to finish. Bags to pack. Work to wrap up.

Add the complexities joys of traveling with young children, and I’m this close to exploding.

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Why I Love an Outdoor Store Located Across the Country

Nestled high in the Sierra Nevada mountains and known for its stunning clarity, Lake Tahoe is a destination worthy of any outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list.

While visitors flock to the snowy slopes in winter, this mama longs to soak up the scenery in summertime.


When the ground thaws, I want to hit the endless singletrack and explore the pristine backcountry on lung-searing climbs and quad-burning descents.

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