We Are Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Burruss Hall and Candlelight VigilI first published this post last year to honor the 32 victims who were killed on April 16, 2007 at my alma mater, Virginia Tech.

Please join me again and honor them today and every day.

Every year, the extended Virginia Tech family and the world remember the horrific events that rocked Blacksburg on this day in 2007.

Thirty-two students and faculty members were taken from their loved ones far too soon. They ranged in age from 18 to 76, and they embodied the extraordinary promise and potential of every member of Hokie Nation.

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Feel the OO: OOFOS Product Review & Giveaway

Periwinkle_OriginalIt’s flip flop weather, ya’ll.

As soon as the mercury rises above 60 degrees, I bust out my flops and steer clear of all pop tops.

Jimmy Buffet, anyone?

Breaking out my spring wardrobe of strappy tanks, sassy sundresses, and beloved flops makes me ridiculously happy.

I also get giddy when I finish a run and immediately remove my running shoes.

I employ the highly precise and systematic laces-still-tied-right-toes-to-left-heel-drag (and switch) before I peel off my socks and slip my sweaty puppies into something more comfortable.

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From the Mouth of Babes: Travel Edition

Coming back from vacation is the pits.

The holiday high quickly turns into a raging reality hangover.

Especially when the travel karma gods are smiling elsewhere.

Despite getting up at 5 AM and enduring every possible delay, Monkey and Bean were troopers on Monday.

I only wanted to strangle them a few times.

Can I get a Mother of the Year nomination over here? Or at least extra cookies and rum in my Coke?

There was a silver lining to our tumultuous trek.

The long lines, bumpy flights, and delayed luggage resulted in hilarious observations and brilliant pearls of wisdom from Bean.


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Back to Reality


After a very long travel day on Monday, including endless airport lines, turbulent flights, missed connections, and rogue luggage, we’re back!

And currently wading through piles of laundry, out-of-control inboxes, and post-vacation mayhem.

Back to full speed on Friday!

How long can you stretch out your vacation buzz? Does it fade as quickly as your tan lines?

Sunny Side Up: A Guest Post by Coach Daddy

Poor Nicole.

Off on some God-forsaken vessel, ported to a desolate shore somewhere someplace tropical.

She’s probably having a craptastic day. Don’t you think?

While Tennessee’s top running/writing mama rocks the 24-hour soft-serve ice cream on the Love Boat, we’re left here in the states, stuck in traffic, scraping windshields, sitting through conference calls.

Oh, and guest posting. It’s an honor to pinch hit for one of my favorite white ladies, right up there with Kesha and Dana Perino. Continue reading

When to Return to Work After Baby

That Deserves a StarWhen Bean and Monkey were born, I was able to take almost four months of maternity leave before going back to work.

The early weeks were an absolute blur. Lack of sleep, endless nursing, and bottomless laundry. The days and nights blended together, and before I knew it, two months had past and leave was half over.

I always planned to return to work, but it caught me by surprise how fast the time went. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for mothers who only have six weeks with their babies!

Today my guest is providing an honest look at this difficult decision. Continue reading

My Little Starfish

I stand close to the pool’s edge, ready to take the plunge, fully clothed, if necessary.

Bean curls her toes around the edge of the deck, bends her knees, and launches her lithe body into the deep end.

She quickly kicks to the surface but keeps her face in the water. She twists her shoulders and aims for the ladder. Continue reading